Opportunities to volunteer

Attend or volunteer on a meal and feeding scheme

Feeding schemes take place at some of our facilities.

Children and youth programmes

Find an afterschool programme or fun activities designed for our children and youth.

Get involved with the Learning Programme

Take part in the Learning Programme as a student or a volunteer.

Get involved with the Mercy Aids Kids Club

Attend the Mercy Aids Kids Club programme or lend a hand and volunteer.

Mosaic Social Ill Support Programme

Attend a Mosaic Social Ill Support workshop and learn how to reduce gender-based violence.

Support City libraries

Support our libraries by donating or volunteering.

Support recreation and parks programmes

Lend your support to the City’s many sport and recreation programmes.

Support the Urban Gardening Project

Donate your time, equipment, skills, and services to the City’s urban gardening projects.

Tutor with Ikamva Youth

Volunteer with Ikamva Youth and tutor grade 12 students.

Volunteer as a reservist firefighter

Train to become a reservist firefighter.

Volunteer at a City nature reserve or in a biodiversity programme

The City is accepting non-paid volunteers to assist our Environmental Management’s Biodiversity Management branch with a variety of tasks.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Get involved with a soup kitchen and help feed the hungry.

Volunteer on the Source to Sea Project

Work together to restore river corridors and improve the quality of life for local communities.

Volunteer with a development and reading programme

Volunteer at your local library.

Volunteer with business and trade organisations

The City works and partners with a number of organisations in the economic development field.

Volunteer with the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust

Volunteer at the City’s nature reserves and conservation areas.

Volunteer with the Cheshire Home Disability Programme

Volunteer your time helping residents in Cheshire Homes.

Volunteer with the Disaster Risk Management Centre

Serve your community by assisting Disaster Risk Management with certain duties.

Volunteer with the Law Enforcement Auxiliary Service

Assist the Law Enforcement Department with by-law enforcement and operations.

Volunteer with the Orion Outreach Programme

Participate in the outreach programme for the Orion Organisation.