Cape Town one of best cities for eco-friendly travel

Cape Town has recently been named one of the world’s most eco-friendly travel destinations in a Tourlane survey.

While many parts of the world have been in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, some are now recovering well enough to ease travel restrictions. If you’re planning a future getaway, look no further than your own backyard.

“Whether reaching their destination by train, or opting for cities outside of the typical tourist circuit, more travellers than ever are choosing to spend their vacations in an environmentally friendly way. Sustainability is changing the way people travel,” Tourlane said.

Tourlane is a carbon neutral travel company and this is passionate about sustainable travel. It gathered data from hundreds of cities across the globe, and took into account accessibility by train, public transport, car ownership, the amount of green space, ratio of tourists to locals and air quality among other factors to determine the best cities in the world for sustainable travel.

Berlin is the most eco-friendly travel destination, according to Tourlane’s survey. Vienna in Austria comes in second place, while Munich in Germany is in third place.

Cape Town is the only South African country on the list at number 41 in the world for best eco-travel. The only other African countries to make the list are Nairobi, Kenya in 14th place and Marrakech, Morrocco in the 50th spot.

Via Capetowngreenmap