Airlines Operating at
Cape Town
International Airport

We’ve put together lists and links to vital information regarding international travel from Cape Town International Airport.

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Flight Schedule For 14 December 2021

Aegean AirlinesAddis AbabaScheduled
Air BotswanaGaboroneNo current flights
Air FranceAmsterdamParisScheduledNo current flights
Air IndiaAddis AbabaScheduled
Air New Zealand No current flights
AirlinkWalvis BayScheduled
AirlinkMaunNo current flights
AirlinkVictoria FallsNo current flights
American AirlinesLondonNo current flights
Asiana AirlinesAddis AbabaScheduled
British AirwaysLondonScheduled
Delta AirlinesAmsterdamScheduled
Delta AirlinesParisNairobiNo current flightsNo current flights
Eidelweiss AirZurichScheduled
Egypt Air No current flights
Emirates AirlinesDubaiNo current flights
Ethiopian AirlinesAddis AbabaScheduled
FinnairLondonDohaScheduledNo current flights
FlyWest AirWindhoekNo current flights
IberiaLondonNo current flights
JAL Japanese AirlineDohaNo current flights
Kenya AirwaysNairobi via LivingstoneScheduled
KLMParisNo current flights
LufthansaMunichNo current flights
       Malaysian Airlines No current flights
Qatar AirwaysDohaGaboroneNo current flightsNo current flights
Royal Air MarocDohaNo current flights
Singapore AirlinesAddis AbabaScheduled
SriLankan AirlinesDohaNo current flights
Swiss AirMunichZurichNo current flightsScheduled
TAAG Angolan AirlinesLuandaNo current flights
Turkish AirlinesIstanbulNo current flights
Ukraine International AirlinesAddis AbabaScheduled
United AirlinesMunichNo current flights
United AirlinesFrankfurtScheduled
United AirlinesNewarkNo current flights
Xiamen AirAmsterdamScheduled

Be sure to visit or your airline for your latest flight information.

Airline Contact Details

Aegean Airlines
Air New
Emirates Airlines
JAL Japanese
Royal Air
TAAG Angolan
Ukraine International

Embassy Detail

If you’re looking for more information regarding repatriation flights, here is a list of telephone numbers for embassies in South Africa: 

Country Telephone
Angola 021-425 8700 
Austria 021 912 1351 / 012 452 9155 
Belgium 021-419 4690 
Bulgaria 021 556 0086 / 012 342 3720 
Brazil 021-421 4040 
Canada 021-945 4960 or 0219452429 / 082 8946641 (emergency) 
China 021-674 0988 
Chile 021-554 3241 / 079 931 2262 
Colombia 021-556-6269 
Cyprus 021-466 5225 
Estonia 082-550 6363 (and emergencies) 
Finland 021 700 2800 
France 021-423 1575 
Georgia  021 421 6355/ 012 346 1831 
Germany 021 405 3000 / 078 608 0950 Emergency number: 078 608 0950
Embassy website 
Ghana 021-671 6199 
Greece 021-424 8160 
Guatemala 021 557 1351/082-966-1130 
Hungary 021-886 8855 / 021 886 9048 
India 021-419 8110 / 021 425 3007 
Indonesia 021 761 7015 
Italy 021-487 3900 / 083 398 3010 
Lithuania 021-439 9030 
Japan 021-425 1695 / 0834580959
after hours – 010 590 4614 
Madagascar 021-674 7238 / 
Malta 082 906 2000 / 021 911 0631 
Maldives 021-650 2076 / 021-797 9940 
Mauritius 021-438 8151 / 082 603 8008 
Mozambique 021-418 2131/2 
Namibia 021-419 2810 
Netherlands 021-421 5660 
Norway 021-2008199 
Paraguay 082-446 6631 
Peru 082-444-9716 (weekday and weekend emergencies) 
Philippines 021-433 2270 
Portugal 021-418 0080/81 
Romania 021-761 1781, emergency line 079 272 2466 
Russia 021-418 3656 / 57 
Seychelles 021-713 1583 
Slovakia 021-715 8833 / 021 418 3656 
Slovenia 021 976 2248 and weekend emergencies 
Spain 021-422 2415 
Sri Lanka 021-839 2921 
Sudan 021-418 1347/012-342 4538 
Sweden 021-200 8199/012 426 64 00 (Emergency) 
Switzerland 021-400 7500 
Turkey 078-821-1991 /
United Kingdom 021-405 2400 
USA 021-702 7300 
Vanuatu 021-434 6517
Zimbabwe 021-461 1994/5 

You will find all relevant Embassy/Consulate details here:

Global Travel Regulations – Updated 1st December 2021. 

Due to the newly discovered B.1.1.529 variant, several countries have updated their travel regulations when visiting or leaving South Africa.
Some countries have initiated travel bans and have suspended flights to and from SA.

Here is the latest list of global travel regulations that each country has placed for South Africa:

Country Detail 
USA Travel ban for passengers from Southern Africa from Monday 29 November. The ban will not apply to American citizens or lawful permanent residents. Airlines have not yet implemented schedule changes.
UK Flights from Southern Africa suspended 
Germany Travel ban on South Africans. Returning Germans, even those who are vaccinated, will then have to spend 14 days in quarantine. As of 28 November 2021, all travellers (all nationalities) must provide a negative PCR Test result (digital or printed), taken within 72 hours before entry into Germany. This includes travellers who additionally hold a vaccination or immunity certificate. AntiGen tests will no longer be accepted.
Bahrain Travel ban for passengers from Southern Africa 
Phillippines Suspended all flights from South Africa 
Mauritius Travel ban for passengers from Southern Africa until 31 December 2021.
Seychelles Travel ban for passengers from Southern Africa
UAEFlights suspended with effect from 00h01 Monday, November 29, until further notice
The Netherlands Ban on travellers from South Africa does not apply to the repatriation of people carrying Dutch passports, EU citizens, Schengen residents, medical emergency staff, ships’ crew, airline staff and people travelling under exceptional circumstances, such as family emergencies. Passengers flying KLM from South Africa to the Netherlands will only be permitted to board if they comply with the entry restrictions imposed by the Dutch government.
Austria Travel ban for passengers from Southern Africa 
France Suspended all its flight operations to and from South Africa for 48 hours 
European Union Proposed halt of air travel from Southern Africa 
Italy Travel ban for passengers from South African who have travelled within the last 14 days 
Czech Republic Travel ban for passengers from South Africa and other southern African countries
Singapore Travel ban for passengers from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, or Zimbabwe who have travelled within the last 14 days
Taiwan Travellers from Southern Africa will have to enter government-run quarantine facilities for 14 days
IsraelTravel ban for passengers from South African and other Southern African countries. All Israeli nationals returning from those countries must quarantine in the government-approved hotels and undergo Covid tests.
CanadaTravel ban on passengers from Southern Africa
JapanTravel ban for passengers from Southern Africa
AustraliaTravel ban for passengers from Southern Africa. Australians returning from the banned countries will require a supervised 14-day quarantine
AngolaSuspended air travel from Southern African countries until further notice
EgyptSuspended air travel from Southern African countries until further notice
RwandaTravel ban for passengers from Southern Africa
BrazilTravel ban for passengers from Southern Africa
Hong KongTravel ban for passengers who visited Southern Africa in the past 21 days. Citizens returning from these countries will have to spend seven days in government quarantine.
DenmarkDenmark has advised its citizens against all travel to Southern African countries and introduced a mandatory 10-quarantine and testing regime for anyone who has visited them in the past 10 days.
TurkeyTravel ban for passengers from Southern Africa.
Sri LankaTravel ban for passengers who have visited Southern African countries in the past 14 days. Sri Lankan citizens arriving from the listed countries must spend 14 days in quarantine at home.
New ZealandOnly New Zealand citizens are allowed to travel from Southern African countries affected by the new variant. Travellers will be required to stay in quarantine for 14 days and undergo regular testing.