Low-Carbon Mobility Challenge Toolkit

When WWF conceived the Low-Carbon Mobility Challenge, we did not anticipate that it would take off to the extent it has. Since our first event (possibly a world first), the Earth Hour Capital Challenge in Tshwane in 2015 has inspired similar challenges in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Ekurhuleni.

What is a Low-Carbon Mobility Challenge? It entails curated teams competing on a route using only low-carbon transport options – walking, cycling, public transport, minibus taxis, or electric vehicles. The winning team is the one that completes the journey with the lowest carbon footprint, not necessarily the team to finish first.

The point of these challenges is to sow seeds to reduce emissions from passenger transport, which makes a huge and growing contribution to climate change. In our experience, these events also contribute to building social cohesion and are generally a lot of fun for those involved.
We keep getting approached to run more of these Low-Carbon Mobility Challenges, and now this toolkit sets you free to run your own. We’d be pleased if you acknowledge that you got the idea from WWF.

Source: https://www.wwf.org.za/