Sharktober is still going strong

It’s Sharktober! A whole month in celebration of our favourite toothy friends – sharks! These magnificent animals are often portrayed as vicious hunters, scary stalkers or single-minded predators in the media, but what really makes these misunderstood animals tick? Stick with us on social media and our blog throughout October as we take a Sharktober dive into answering all your sharkiest questions. How smart are sharks? Can they swim backwards? Are there really 117 kinds of South African shark? Let’s find out together!

The shark-themed blogs featured on the Aquarium’s website during this month,  are fast becoming a comprehensive collection of amazing shark facts and answer some of those questions that you might have wondered about.

Shark showcases: Pajama sharks

Spotted ragged-tooth sharks

Spotted gully shark

Puffadder shyshark

How do sharks smell:

How many types of sharks live in South Africa’s ocean?:

Do sharks drown if they stopswimming:

Top 10 prehistoric sharks:

Do sharks sleep:

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