Help Cape Town celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Day this Saturday

This year Cap Town will join the world in International Coastal Cleanup Day. Every third Saturday of September, South Africa joins many coastal countries in commemorating the International Coastal Clean-up Day. ICCD is the world’s largest volunteer clean-up event of its kind, which began more than 30 years ago. This year the day falls on Saturday the 19th of September.

ICCD rallies together communities with the common goal of collecting and documenting marine litter around global coastlines. This enables scientists to gather valuable data on the extent of marine

How You Can Help

Thanks to volunteers around the world, the International Coastal Cleanup has become a beacon of hope, leading and inspiring action in support of our ocean. Over the years, this movement has created a family that spans oceans and country borders.

Start a cleanup using Ocean Conservancy’s documentation here. This will give you the tools to efficiently address the challenges you may face on your coastline.

Download the Clean Swell app to document the ocean junk you collect and help researchers and policy makers understand the challenges that different parts of the world face.