Ocean Superheroes Unite!

The Two Oceans Aquarium has launched Ocean Superheroes, a bold and vibrant campaign, to engage with visitors just in time for the school holidays. The campaign showcases the spectacular superpowers of marine animals and calls on all Ocean Superheroes to unite and take action for the future health of the ocean. The “Ocean Superhero” campaign is the latest awareness-raising and information-sharing campaign that is being featured in the Aquarium and on its social media networks. 

Regular visitors to the Aquarium will love the new engaging comic-style Ocean Superhero signage featuring animals and their superpowers. Some of these animals include the Magnificent Mudskipper with its ability to live both on land and in water, the Creative Octopus that can change shape and colour in an instant, and the Hardy Hagfish with its slime superpower. 

These animals are part of a group of 18 Ocean Superheroes. The campaign also exposes the Ocean Villains that threaten the lives of these and other animals and showcases how individuals can take action to overcome these villains. The Aquarium’s social media channels will be filled with superhero fun, shining the spotlight on the animals and humans that are being featured in this campaign. Keep an eye open for the colour-changing, armour-plated and forever-loving animal Ocean Superheroes, and learn more about these animals and what makes them super special. Also be sure to catch information about the Ocean Superhero humans who rehabilitate turtles and those who cut the nooses off seals and disentangle other marine animals in the V&A Waterfront. The campaign also teaches the general public how to be an Ocean Superhero by using less plastic, choosing sustainably sourced seafood and taking part in beach cleanups. 

Our ocean is facing a human-made crisis. Through pollution, over-fishing and human-accelerated climate change, the ocean is facing severe threats.  

It is easy to be an Ocean Superhero – every day! By making educated and informed choices, every person can have a positive impact on the ocean and the environment. One of the easiest ways is to say no to Ocean Villains in the form of single-use plastics like plastic bags, straws, balloons and take-away containers and cutlery, and in so doing reduce plastic waste in the ocean. You can also be an Ocean Superhero by choosing only sustainably sourced seafood from responsible fisheries. This way you are doing your bit to reduce the impact of ghost nets and other fishing gear and the over-exploitation of seafood resources. 

To learn more about the “Ocean Superhero” campaign, visit www.aquarium.co.za 

To donate to the life-saving conservation and rehabilitation work undertaken by the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation’s turtle rehabilitation programme and the wildlife monitoring programme, visit: https://aquariumfoundation.org.za/donate-to-conservation/